ABC News is giving Katie Couric her own program… though it will only exist online. In advance of her ABC talk show debuting this Fall, Couric will host a weekly series for ABC News and online partner Yahoo! called “Katie’s Take.”

Launching May 1st, the series sounds somewhat like a preview of the talk show, focusing on issues like “health, nutrition, parenting, and wellness.”

Continuing with that health theme, Poland Spring water is on board as the launch partner for the web series.

AdWeek’s Sam Thielman spoke to ABC News president Ben Sherwood about the show, and asked what Couric’s role at the news division will look like over the next few months:

ABC News president Ben Sherwood said that Couric’s main focus would still be the syndicated show, which launches in October, but that she’d continue to appear on ABC’s properties without headlining a particular program. “She’ll participate in our political coverage as we get closer to the elections,” said Sherwood. “But [with the syndicated show,] she’s got a real full-time job.”


ABC News Giving Katie Couric Her Own Show Online

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