Today Al Roker unleashed a crack heard round the world at the expense of (regular Today Show contributor) Martha Stewart. In a segment where Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis answered viewer kitchen questions, the topic of proper knife care arose. Poor Giada forgot she was actually holding a knife as she began gesticulating enthusiastically along with her speech (in that charming Italian way), which sort of made her look like a maniacal psychopath.

As Bobby Flay and Roker instinctively backed away, Al blurted, “What are you, Martha Stewart?!”

Zing! Damn, Martha. YA GOT BURNT.

Later, when things got heated between Bobby and Giada over whose burger method was superior, Al, without missing a beat, quietly slipped the knife back into Giada’s hand, which she immediately pulled on Bobby.

“Don’t try this at home!” Natalie Morales nervously giggled in the background. Sorry, Nat. You lost control of this segment a long time ago.

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Al Roker Cracks Martha Stewart Joke on ‘Today”

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