New Jersey’s Republican Governor, Chris Christie, recently sat down with Barbara Walters for a lengthy interview. In a clip of the interview broadcast on ABC’s Good Morning America, Walters asks Christie repeatedly about the “elephant in the room” which is, in her opinion, the governor’s weight.

“I feel very uncomfortable asking you this question when I’m sitting opposite you,” Walters prefaced her inquiry. “You are a little overweight.”

“More than a little,” Christie replied.

“Why,” she asked.

“If I could figure that out, I’d fix it,” he answered.

Walters said that “there are people who say” that Christie is too fat to be president. “That’s ridiculous,” Christie shot back.

“I think they’re worried about your health,” Walters clarified. Christie replied that the residents of his state who saw him pulling 18-hour days and getting right back up to do it again the next day, while suffering from a cold, are not concerned about his health.

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Barbara Walters Asks Gov. Chris Christie About His Weight

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