Bill Cosby fell victim to a fourth death hoax perpetrated on social media websites, and later called “Larry King Live” to implore those responsible to quit their shenanigans.

“I don’t want this person, or whatever, I don’t want them to do this anymore,” the 73-year-old Cosby told Kyra Phillips, filling in on ‘Larry King Live.’

By Cosby’s own account, this was the fourth time he has perished. The hoax took off after thousands of people repeatedly typed the term “Bill Cosby Died” in their short posts. Some bought it and gave shocked responses, yet more often than not, people just laughed it off as another hoax.

To Cosby, who has joked about past Twitter deaths, this hoax hit home because his family became involved.

“I found out when my daughter called the house,” he said. She told him that friends and family were calling her crying. “Dad, people are calling me, are you all right?”

Cosby then had a message to anyone who knows someone that has started the rumors.

“Maybe psychiatrists will say I’m feeding this person’s ego, but I just want to say to friends of that person, just tell them to stop. Because it isn’t funny.”

“Bill Cosby Dead” was last a trend on Twitter and Google back in February. In the past, he has quoted Mark Twain, saying, “Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”

Cosby also addressed the reports on, you guessed it, his Twitter feed: “Emotional friends have called about this misinformation. To the people behind the foolishness, I’m not sure you see how upsetting this is.”

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Bill Cosby Slams Twitter “Death” Rumors

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