Jay Leno asked Bill Maher about health care reform and he replied, “I thank the Tea Baggers. They’re the ones who got it passed,”

Maher acknowledged that the Tea Partiers might be confused by his gratitude. “I’m sure they’re saying, ‘What are you talking about Bill?'” he suggested. “‘I was so against the health care bill I marched on Washington with tea bags hanging from my hat, dressed up in my Founding Fathers costume, with a picture of Hitler, you know, and Obama’s face on him, screaming about his birth certificate.'”

“And America saw that,” Maher concluded, “and said, ‘What loons. We’re going with the calm black man. These idiots can’t even spell, ‘Go back to Kenya.'”

(Source: RawStory.com and NBC-TV)

Bill Maher “Thanks” Tea Baggers For Health Care

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