Bill Maher taped a harsh and hilarious “Christmas message” for his website and called Oprah’s “Favorite Things” episode “one of the most deeply disturbing things I’ve ever seen on television.” Maher used Oprah’s audience as the prime example for his thesis that the real religion in America is greed and is “what at the core is so rotten about this country.”

For those who love Oprah and everything she stands for, her new OWN network is on the air.


Bill Maher’s Christmas Message to Oprah & Her Greedy Audience

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  • Jeff Lionz

    And this is why I love and respect Bill Maher as muchas I do because he actually cuts through the crap and says what needs to be said better hen just about anyone I can think of. Can’t wait for the new season to start there are plenty of Ox’s to gore, starting with Oprah was perfect.

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