Jon Stewart took Bill O’Reilly up on his offer to debate the Common controversy on “The Factor”. O’Reilly was of the opinion that inviting a man to the White House who sympathizes with convicted cop killers was a mistake. Stewart turned his focus on artists such as Bono and Bob Dylan, offering that they have written songs about convicted law enforcement murderers and still were invited to the White House.

“There is a collective outrage machine here at Fox that pettifogs only when it suits the narrative that suits them… But then guess what? Bono can’t go to the White House, Springsteen can’t go to the White House, Bob Dylan can’t go to the White House. You got a lot of people that aren’t allowed to sit in the White House because they’ve written songs about people convicted of murder.”

(Source: Fox News)

Part 2

Bill O’Reilly and Jon Stewart Exchange Fire

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