Bill O’Reilly squared off with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann on Tuesday, challenging her on why the GOP is so unpopular. Bachmann blamed it on the media, but O’Reilly shot back that the media’s doing a lot of anti-Obamacare reporting lately, which should help Republicans, and so it can’t just be a problem with how the media reports on the GOP.

O’Reilly continued on to admit he has absolutely no idea what the GOP wants because there’s “no central force” for messaging and the party is hopelessly divided. Bachmann argued the entire party is “united” on the message of wanting to help the American people, going down a laundry list of agenda items like giving everyone a $10,000 check and let them decide which school to send their children.

O’Reilly found that confusing and doubted that particular policy would shift the GOP’s image. He said the Republicans need a “better health care vision than Obamacare” and a strong proposal for creating jobs and boosting wages in order to recover from this slump.

(Sources: and Fox News)

Bill O’Reilly vs. Rep. Michele Bachmann

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