Brooke Burke opened up about her thyroid cancer diagnosis and surgery on Tuesday’s “Good Morning America.”

Showing off a deep neck scar from the operation, the “Dancing with the Stars” host told Lara Spencer, “It was shocking. I never thought I’d hear the word cancer in relation to myself.”

Burke revealed, “The movie in my mind when I got my diagnosis was that I’m a mother, I’ve got four children and a family counting on me.”

She noted, “All the children really handled it differently… My son actually said, ‘Is papa going to get it?’ In his mind, at 4-years-old, he doesn’t know what cancer means.”

Burke went on to share, “The message is really about preventative health,” explaining that since she had no symptoms, the cancer wouldn’t have been discovered without her annual physicals.

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Brooke Burke Shows Off Her Surgery Scar

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