In a segment on The View, Barbara Walters grilled Grammer about her alleged sexless marriage, based on comments the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star made in last week’s reunion show.

Never one to shy away from tough questions, Walters implicitly referred to Kelsey’s fiancée Kayte Walsh when asking, “Why were you surprised that he wanted someone else?”

“There’s so much more to marriage than sex,” Camille replied. “You’d have to ask him that.”

Her flustered reply didn’t stop Walters: “Well I thought I’d ask you because you’re the one that said it. Why would you be surprised that he would look elsewhere?”

Camille admitted that her and Kelsey “tried,” but “something didn’t click with us on an intimate level,” and added, “It’s too bad that now I’ve lost my best friend.”

When questioned about Kelsey’s request for a quickie divorce and upcoming nuptials, Camille wasn’t shy to reveal her true feelings:

“He did rush it. It’s a bit impetuous don’t you think?” she asked. “He wants what he wants right away. He’s almost like a child.”

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Camille Grammer Talks About Her Sexless Marriage to Kelsey

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