The Catholic League would like Bill Maher‘s bosses at Time Warner to have a “serious talk” with him about the “vile and obscene” ways he speaks about the Catholic church. Pointing to his history of “anti-Catholicism,” a letter from the League says they’ve had enough of it.

The letter, signed by the organization’s president Bill Donohue, asserted, “There is no other entertainer in the nation who has repeatedly spoken about the Catholic Church, especially its priests, in more vile and obscene terms than Bill Maher.” Such remarks aimed at any other demographic group, they argued, would be condemned — so how long will Time Warner sit back as a “spectator”?

Maher’s “bigotry is not merely visceral, it is relentless,” the letter concluded, and the “time has come for someone in a position of responsibility to sit down and have a serious talk with this man.”

During a recent show, Maher took on the Catholic church following the election of a new pope, asking, “What other business could you be in where your company gets caught running a child sex ring since forever and you still keep your customers?” The Catholic League has also chronicled a list of examples of his “anti-Catholicism.”

In general, Maher hardly holds back his mockery and skepticism of religion overall.

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Catholic League Accuses Bill Maher of “Bigotry”

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