Christina Aguilera has opened up about her divorce to Ellen DeGeneres. Christina filed for divorce from her husband of five years, Jordan Bratman, last month and is seeking joint custody of their two-year-old son.

“My focus first and foremost is my son Max,” she said. “More power to single moms and those out there doing it. I was raised by a single mom. But you know what, at the end of the day….He’s the love of my life.”

Christina also talked about her upcoming 30th birthday, on December 18.

“It’s better than turning 20, I’ll tell you that,” she said. “You’re more comfortable in your own skin as a woman. You have a better idea of what you want and how to get it. At this time in my life, it’s a huge turning point, it’s a transitional stage and I’m ready. I’m ready.”

Christina Aguilera Talks About Her Divorce

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