Cissy Houston holds her daughter Whitney responsible for her own death.

“Good mothers and good fathers and good families don’t always have great children,” the matriarch said on Monday’s “Today Show.”

Appearing on the show to discuss her new memoir, Whitney: My Story of Love, Loss, and the Night the Music Stopped, Cissy explained, “It’s all [the children’s] responsibility when they get to a certain age to choose their way.”

“She was taught,” Cissy said. “She knew her way.”

Houston was 48 when she was found dead last February at the Beverly Hilton Hotel the night before the Grammy Awards.

It was later determined she died from an accidental drowning, although cocaine use was deemed a contributing factor.

When asked about Bobby Brown’s possible negative influence on her daughter, Cissy was largely dismissive.

“I know he didn’t help her. I don’t blame him,” she said, adding, ”Everybody is responsible for their own actions up to a point. She was raised, she knew better, and whatever took her to that position, I really don’t know.”

Cissy also opened up about her own relationship with Whitney, and coming to terms with her tragic death.

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Cissy Houston Doesn’t Blame Bobby Brown for Whitney’s Houston Death

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