CNBC’s Rick Santelli, no stranger to cable news shout-fests, went on a tirade this morning over the impending “fiscal cliff.”

During a heated discussion about the impact going over the “cliff” could have on the stock market, Santelli became irate when his CNBC colleague and trader Jim Iuorio suggested the damage wouldn’t be as severe as others predict.

Santelli shouted about how the damage will be severe and could have a negative impact on future generations. “The Fed doesn’t have a clue, neither does the president, neither does Congress,” he shouted. “Neither does Tim Geithner, who gives a speech about the debt ceiling. I’d like to see if he could count to a million, much less 16.4 trillion!”

Eventually, Iuorio gives up trying to interrupt, saying, “I’m through fighting,” but an amused host Joe Kernen clarified that Santelli was just “shouting at Washington” like he always does.

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CNBC’s Rick Santelli Goes Ballistic Over ‘Fiscal Cliff’

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