The New York Post’s Michael Shain reports that CNN is looking to non-news programming, such as reality shows, to help shake up its lineup. That shouldn’t be too surprising, as the addition of Anthony Bourdain to its weekend lineup next year has long been seen as just “step one” in a process to reshape the network’s weekend lineup.

Here’s what Shain reports the network is looking for:

A late-night talk show featuring a panel — an 11 p.m. version of “The View.”

* Five new reality shows to air on Saturday and Sunday nights — to compliment traveling chef Anthony Bourdain, who is set to debut a new Sunday night CNN show starting early next year.

* A hunt for new on-air personalities outside of traditional TV news. Bourdain is the “prototype” for the new star CNN is now looking for, it is telling Hollywood agents.

A producer with his own production company confirmed to me that CNN has been knocking on doors looking for some new (or even old) concepts and talent.


CNN Turning to Talk Shows, Reality Series

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