Conan O’Brien said that he dared NBC to shut down his Twitter account after hearing that executives were unhappy with its popularity.

In an interview with Fortune magazine, O’Brien said that he initially “didn’t understand why anyone would do Twitter.” However, when he left NBC, his team asked executives there if the deal he had signed with them–which prohibited him from appearing on television for months and put many other kinds of restrictions on him–also blocked him from tweeting.

“”Someone said, ‘Does that include Twitter? No. It doesn’t include Twitter.’ And so I started tweeting,” O’Brien said.

When O’Brien launched his Twitter account in February of 2010, its popularity exploded. NBC executives, perhaps aware of their mistake, began sending signals about their displeasure. O’Brien’s response?

“Tell them I would be thrilled if they shut down my Twitter account,” O’Brien told Fortune. I’d love it if that got out. You think PR’s been bad up till now? Wait till you take away my Twitter account.”


Conan: I Dared NBC To Shut Down My Twitter Account

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