Since his “Tonight Show” finale Jan. 22, Conan O’Brien has been out of sight. But next season he could be back on the air with a new late-night show on Fox.

“They are definitely talking,” said O’Brien representative Leslee Dart on Thursday, but added that Fox “is by no means the only place he’s talking right now.”

The logical moment to have a deal in place would be Fox’s upfront presentation May 17. But that’s two whole months from now and, lately, things have been moving very fast for O’Brien.

He exited NBC after just eight months as host of “The Tonight Show” when NBC proposed reinstating his predecessor, Jay Leno, to the 11:35 p.m. Eastern time slot, and pushing back O’Brien’s show a half-hour.

Within three weeks, a theater tour for O’Brien was in the planning stages.

Conan O’Brien, Fox In Talks

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