A Conan O’Brien Twitter account surfaced this evening under the name @ConanOBrien and it is growing rapidly.

So did Conan O’Brien just join Twitter?

At first, it wasn’t certain, but just an hour and a half after the inaugural tweet, Twitter added a “verified account” stamp to the page.

Conan’s first tweet, posted at approximately 6 p.m. Feb. 24, 2010, said: “Today I interviewed a squirrel in my backyard and then threw to commercial. Somebody help me.”

Within 10 minutes of his first tweet, he had a few thousand followers. And in his first half hour, he was up to 15,000 followers.

As of 7:30 p.m. EST, he’s about to pass 50,000 followers, already 20,000 more than the verified @jayleno account. Two hours later, the feed had nearly 129,000 followers. He has yet to follow someone.

His bio reads, “I had a show. Then I had a different show. Now I have a Twitter account.”

(Source: HuffingtonPost.com)

Conan O’Brien Joins Twitter, New Account Explodes With Followers

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