Conan O’Brien showed the world what’s been going through his mind (and beard) since his ouster from ‘The Tonight Show’ and NBC during his ’60 Minutes’ interview this past week. Everyone wants a piece of the red-headed comic now that his speaking embargo is up, but CoCo isn’t in the mood to keep on talking — even if it’s with Oprah Winfrey or Jay Leno’s nemesis, David Letterman. And judging from what people are telling me, that’s a good move.

Over 13 million viewers tuned in to watch Conan O’Brien tell ’60 Minutes’ that NBC “broke his heart,” however, TV insiders tell me that Conan now needs to shut up and focus on his future if he doesn’t always want to be known as the guy that hosted ‘The Tonight Show’ for a few months.

“Conan doing one big sit down interview was a good idea — only if he never talks about ‘The Tonight Show’ again,” one TV insiders tells me. “Conan came across well, but if he doesn’t shut up, it’s going to seem as if he’s whining. The best thing he could do is focus on his new show. Look forward instead of looking back. After all, it’s hard to feel sorry for a guy who got paid over $30 million to NOT work.”

Conan seems to be taking this advice to heart. Sources tell me he has been offered many more interviews — with Larry King, Oprah and even David Letterman — all of which he has turned down.


Conan O’Brien Says No to Oprah and Letterman

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