Last night on CBS’s Late Late Show, host Craig Ferguson ribbed guest Bill Maher for being “controlled” by the Democratic Party.

The pair were discussing Maher’s long history in the Los Angeles studio lot he’s used since 1996 when Politically Incorrect debuted on Comedy Central.

“I’ve endured,” Maher said of his network changes over the years. “That’s gangster!”

“You’re still here,” Ferguson agreed. “And I’m impressed. You still go out and do the standup. You still do your thing.”

When Maher asked Ferguson if he still does standup gigs as well, the CBS host said it’s a necessity because: “You have to get a sense of autonomy from the, from the Borg that controls you. In my case CBS, in your case the Democratic Party.”

Having been accused by his critics as being too closely aligned with President Obama, Maher winced at the remark, prompting Ferguson to tease him: “Oh it’s a joke, Bill! It’s a joke.”

“I don’t mind a joke,” Maker replied. “That’s just not an accurate one.”

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Craig Ferguson Tells Bill Maher: Democratic Party Controls You

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