David Arquette is officially off the wagon.

On Monday, the actor admitted in a radio interview with Howard Stern that he’s no longer sober after two years and four months of being clean.

Arquette, who went to rehab in December 2010 for alcoholism, confessed, “I’m drinking again… I’m a drinker. I drink a lot.”

He further acknowledged getting “out of control” at times, calling himself a “wild man,” but insisted he tries “to keep a cap on it.”

Stern expressed concerned for the Scream star, who said he was nervous about being ”honest” because he feared people would be “cruel” to him in response.

“The problem is people are going to take this and start talking about it,” he told the shock jock.

Arquette also confessed that he smoked “a little weed,” but thankfully has found support in both his girlfriend, Christina McLarty, and ex-wife, Courteney Cox.

“Courteney’s super cool. Everybody’s getting along and understanding,” he said, adding, “We’re being kind and loving to each other.”

Arquette felt he’s still a “responsible person,” noting he remains in therapy.

He also tried to promote what he calls “The Kindness Game” — using niceties to better society.

“I’m living my life and I’m trying not to hurt people,” he told Stern.

(Source: GossipCop.com and Sirius XM Radio)

David Arquette: I’m Drinking Again After Two Years

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