Despite the approach of then-Hurricane Sandy, talk show hosts David Letterman and Jimmy Fallon still taped their respective shows Monday afternoon, working without an audience — and in Letterman’s case, without some technical assistance.

On The Late Show, Letterman stuck to his usual routine, including the nightly “Top Ten” list, but when the person in charge of the graphic listing all the items on the screen couldn’t make the show, he was forced to rely on another staffer, “Todd,” for his reading of the “Top Ten Rejected Names For The ‘Frankenstorm.’”

“How were you chosen instead of Tony?” Letterman asked the young man, who performed his duties crouched in front of the host’s desk. “I mean, I’m happy that it’s you, but why not Tony? Where’s Tony?”

Letterman’s jibes notwithstanding, Todd gamely did his duty, holding up a handwrittencue card for each item, including “Al Frankenstorm,” “Count Dampula” and “iPaddle,” which Letterman said he didn’t get.

Meanwhile, Salon reported that Fallon had one audience member of sorts during his monologue on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, a “heckler” in a Mets hat, on top of his regularly scheduled guests.

The two shows were the only late-night fare that carried on Monday; neither The Daily Show nor The Colbert Report taped episodes, and ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel was forced to cancel a special episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live set in Brooklyn.

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David Letterman and Jimmy Fallon Record Shows Without Audiences

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