Late night host David Letterman revealed Tuesday evening that he isn’t afraid to appear partisan with his jokes about the Republican Party.

In an interview on CNN’S Piers Morgan Tonight with guest host Regis Philbin hosting, The Late Show personality did make sure to say to indicate that he wasn’t officially a Democrat despite possibly appearing as so.

“I have been guilty of appearing to be playing partisan politics,” Letterman said. “However, I’d just like to say, for the record, I am a registered independent.”

The gregarious CBS figure noted that no matter the source, whether it’s Bill Clinton with the Monica Lewsinsky scandal or various events from George W. Bush to dissect from, he wouldn’t hesitant to poke some fun at. However, he clearly sees all the material provided to him for this year’s election coming from Mitt Romney.

“You go where the material takes you,” he said. “If may appear to people that we have a slant one way or another. But if a guy drops his dog, or straps his dog on the roof of the car, or if a guy gets his shoe thrown at him, this is where the material is going to be.”

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David Letterman: I’m “Guilty of Appearing to be” Partisan

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