David Letterman made Brian Williams squirm on Wednesday night when he took aim at John Boehner’s crying. That’s because Williams is scheduled to interview Boehner later this week.

Williams smiled awkwardly at the camera after Letterman said that Boehner “will cry like a guy on drugs.” The newsanchor admitted, “This makes me highly uncomfortable. I have to sit down with him this week for an interview.”

“Well, pass this along,” Letterman answered, prompting Williams to grimace. The late night host compared Boehner’s crying to the time that he took a Valium and sobbed at a McDonald’s commercial. He said that he was not suggesting that Boehner has a drug problem — at which point Williams shook his head and warily braced himself for what was coming.

(Source: CBS and HuffingtonPost.com)

David Letterman Makes Brian Williams Squirm

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