According to Denis Leary, he’s not opposed to the idea of getting romantic with Lady Gaga. But, there’s one thing that might prevent him from doing so — her outlandish fashion sense, he said on ‘The View.’

Sherri Shepherd reads a quote from Leary in which he refers to Gaga’s frequently bizarre get-ups and says it must be “hard to have sex with someone who’s wearing a plastic house.”

Then, Leary explains his position further. “I like Lady Gaga. I think she has a fantastic voice,” he said. “But, sometimes as a man … you go, ‘You know, she’s kind of an attractive girl.’ But you look at some of the outfits and you go, like, ‘How do you even start to take that off?'”

(Source: and ABC-TV)

Denis Leary Imagines Sex With Lady Gaga Would Be Difficult

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