Lindsay Lohan’s mom says the actress will be moving away from California and back to New York after she gets out of drug rehabilitation.

Dina Lohan, during an often tense interview with NBC “Today” show co-host Matt Lauer, said her daughter was doing “wonderfully” after 14 days in jail and lashed out at California Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel, who put the actress there.

“She’s great,” Lohan said. “She’s been through a lot. The judge played hardball. Lindsay was in with alleged murderers and she’s become friends with a lot of them. Lindsay rolled with the punches and she’s doing wonderfully.”

(Source: and NBC-TV)

Dina Lohan Defends Lindsay, Slams Judge

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1 Comment

  • Suzie K.

    Here may not be exactly the place to say this but I do feel for and support Lindsay Lohan, she’s got the right stuff in my opinion, even though she might be a bit muddled. Best of luck, Lindsay!

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