Progressive broadcasting powerhouse Ed Schultz has cut an ad for ITM Trading that almost makes Glenn Beck’s pitch sound like a soothing lullaby, calling the U.S. debt the “Titanic,” and gold the “lifeboat.”

Before you even start, fellow liberals, there is no one who has more admiration and affection for Ed Schultz than I do, and I realize that Ed’s sponsor is not the equivalent of Beck’s Goldline, which settled a 19-count fraud case in 2012. I also realize that in some cases, hosts don’t have all that much control over who their advertisers are, and that gold purveyors have as much of a right to advertise as anyone else. Conversely, liberal hosts also have the right to advertise gold without necessarily being in Beck’s category.

My objection, here, is to the fear-mongering tone of the ad, and its divergence from Ed’s own stated beliefs about the debt and deficit.


Ed Schultz Selling Gold With Fear Mongering

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