Eric Bolling teased his exclusive interview with Edward Snowden‘s father Lonnie Snowden on this morning Fox and Friends. This afternoon on The Five, Bolling presented his full interview with the NSA leaker’s father, at one point asking the man to speak directly and frankly into the camera to his son.

Lonnie Snowden told Bolling that he hasn’t seen or spoken to his son since early April, calling Edward a “sensitive, caring young man” who “knows the difference between what is just and unjust and right and wrong.” He described how difficult it has been to go from thinking his son was missing to discovering he was the one responsible for leaking NSA secrets.

Snowden said he couldn’t have done what his son did, but at the same time he said, “I don’t know what he has seen, what he has been exposed to.” He did express some of very same concerns that his son has expressed when explaining why he chose to blow the whistle.

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Edward Snowden’s Father Talks to Fox

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