Chris Brown’s vulgar Twitter fight with comedienne Jenny Johnson was a heated topic of discussion on Monday’s “The View,” with co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck likening the singer’s insults to “verbal rape.”

Hasselbeck said she thought Brown’s graphic comments — which included calling Johnson a “hoe” and suggesting she perform a sex act — were “disgusting,” adding, “It seems like verbal rape to me.”

She stated, “What he wrote should never ever have to go across any sort of Twitter feed… It was vile.”

Whoopi Goldberg, however, disagreed with Hasselbeck’s take on the situation.

She said, “I disagree with ‘verbal rape.’ I don’t think that’s verbal rape.”

Goldberg offered, “Both were verbally assaulting each other.”


Elisabeth Hasselbeck Accuses Chris Brown of “Verbal Rape”

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