Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck had a tense conversation about the return of American troops from Iraq on Thursday’s “The View.”

The U.S. military officially ended the war in Iraq on Thursday. Hasselbeck called for a show of support for returning troops. “We owe them our gratitude,” she said. Whoopi Goldberg agreed.

Behar then turned to the high cost of the war and claims that there would be oil revenues from Iraq. Hasselbeck interjected, arguing that military intervention was necessary. Behar disagreed, adding, “My heart breaks for those kids who went there and I’m happy that they’re home, the ones that came back.”

Hasselbeck asked, “How would like you to come back and someone tell you well that was a waste?”

Behar returned, “People need to go to jail if they sent these guys to war for the wrong reason.”


Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Joy Behar Fight Over Iraq War

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