On ‘The View.’ Elisabeth Hasselbeck angrily responded to Bill Maher’s joke about trading her for Lara Logan, the chief foreign affairs correspondent for CBS News who was briefly detained by Egyptian police in Cairo.

Hasselbeck played a brief clip of Maher, in which he calls for Logan’s “intrepid hotness” to be released in exchange for Hasselbeck. “Notice how the audience laughs,” said Barbara Walters, trying to point out that Maher’s comment was a joke. But Hasselbeck finds nothing amusing about it.

“You can hide anything in the cloak of a joke,” Hasselbeck responded. “It is unfair. It is chauvinistic, what you said … and I find it disturbing, but also amusing, that I happen to be on your mind.”

“You obviously missed the call of civility from our President Barack Obama, and you were on the other line with ignorance and hate,” continued Hasselbeck. “Maybe next time you should pick up the call.”

(Source: TVSquad.com and ABC-TV)

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Attacks Bill Maher Over a Joke

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1 Comment

  • matt

    Elizabeth, go away and grow up you whiny crybaby!
    I’m so tired of her squeaky yapping voice,
    she sounds like a barking Chihuahua.

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