Fergie addresses the rumors Josh Duhamel cheated on her with a stripper less than a year into their marriage in a new interview with Oprah.

“It was difficult,” says of the 2009 allegations and subsequent tabloid firestorm.

When Oprah asks whether the period brought her and Duhamel “closer together,” Fergie answers, ”Definitely. When you go through difficult times, it really makes you stronger as a unit, as a partnership… it does for us, anyway. Our love today is a deeper love.”

She continues, “We’re stronger today because of anything difficult that’s happened with us. We deal it. We communicate. Communicating is the most important thing.”

The full “Oprah’s Next Chapter” interview with Fergie airs on OWN this Sunday, October 21.

(Source: GossipCop.com and OWN)

Fergie Opens Up to Oprah About Cheating Rumors

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