Looks like Fox Business reporter Lauren Simonetti unintentionally made the Howard Stern Show today.

During a live report from Times Square, as millions of tourists begin to shuffle into the crowded area of Midtown Manhattan to revel in the New Year’s celebration, Simonetti was loudly interrupted by a man shouting “Baba Booey!” and “Howard Stern’s penis!”

Both phrases are popularly-used prank terms employed by Stern’s fans who crash live television events to get national attention and onto the popular shock-jock’s radio show.

As the man shouted the phrases, Fox cut away to generic video as Simonetti continued her report. Following completion of her segment, hosts Rick Folbaum and Arthel Neville apologized to any viewers offended by the shouted phrases and attempted to make light of the situation by noting that “we’ve all been there before.”

(Source: Mediaite.com)

Fox News Live Report Crashed By Howard Stern Fan

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