‘The Tonight Show’ reached into our childhoods and across the ocean to score an interview with popular children’s character Madeline. Oddly, she looked and sounded a lot like Gilbert Gottfried in a Madeline costume.

Leno asked him her about proper dating etiquette, after which Gottfried Madeline detailed a list of things the man should do on a date, including getting the door, bringing flowers and picking up the check.

“If the man does all those things, the polite thing for the woman to do is to bang him,” he she concluded.

Later Jay Leno asked him her, “What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned over the years?”

The set-up allowed Gottfried to talk about the importance of supplemental insurance. His recommendation? NBC decided to censor it, but it was All-State, an obvious jab at Aflac. Gottfried was fired as the voice of their spokesduck due to jokes he made about the disaster in Japan.

(Source: NBC-TV and TVSquad.com)

Gilbert Gottfried Dresses as Madeline on ‘The Tonight Show’

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1 Comment

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