Glenn Beck and his radio co-hosts mocked Lawrence O’Donnell’s emotional defense of Planned Parenthood–and the woman whose email drove him to tears.

On his Monday show, Beck played the tape of O’Donnell–a host whose feud with Beck is long-running–reading the email from a friend of his who described her need for Planned Parenthood’s services. He said he couldn’t believe that O’Donnell had teared up about such an issue.

“I believe that my country is under attack, and that man’s freedom as we understand it is over,” he said. “He gets on the air on Friday and [cries] about, ‘we’re not going to kill babies anymore.'”

He started playing the tape, but asked his producer to stop after O’Donnell read a part of the email where his friend said that she depended on Planned Parenthood.

“Stop just a second!” Beck said. “Hookers? Who depends on Planned Parenthood?” He then impersonated the woman, who said she had had an abortion.

“I’ve got 400 abortions that I have to have!” Beck said. “I have to have these children aborted!” He and his co-hosts then continued making fun of O’Donnell and the woman for several minutes more.

Glenn Beck: Only ‘Hookers’ Need Planned Parenthood

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