On his show Friday, Glenn Beck became convinced that many members of the Obama administration act like racists, after breaking down the “anatomy of a racist”: they see groups over individuals, they lack objectivity, and they seek power through conflict. Beck concluded that the president and his allies are trying to sow the seeds of a race war.

Beck has previously leveled these same charges at Obama, calling him a racist who is uncomfortable with white people four years ago, but in an exchange flagged by Right Wing Watch, this time he upped the ante to suggest they are actively pushing for racial violence in the United States.

“It will be a crisis of some sort that will set off a race war or some sort of chaos in the streets. That’s the cycle of hate, and I am convinced that we are now just waiting for the crisis. The seeds are being planted every day and everything that doesn’t become the crisis just becomes another seed, another ember that is waiting to set the entire house on fire.”

He concluded that the “race leaders” in power are going to “take us to places none of us ever want to go.”

Glenn Beck Race Baits, Blames Obama

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