After being derided and charged with trafficking in wild conspiracy theories, Glenn Beck redoubled his warnings that the uprisings in Egypt could lead to an Islamic caliphate spreading across the Middle East on his radio show Thursday.

Beck has come under criticism for his doomsday vision of the potential fallout from the Egyptian revolution. He has warned that the world is “being divvied up” by the “uber left” and the “Islamicists,” and that what was formerly “Ancient Babylon” could emerge as the new seat of “evil” and center of the new caliphate.

On his radio show, Beck struck back at his critics. “When I say that there’s a caliphate, that it is a desire of the Islamic extremists in the Middle East, that is not a conspiracy theory,” he said. “They want a caliphate. Look it up…so don’t talk to me about crazy conspiracy theories.”

He then issued, as he put it, a warning. “I plant my flag in this soil,” he said. “If I’m wrong, so be it. So be it. Then I am wrong. And you can discredit me all you want for the end of time. But I’m telling you I’m not wrong on this one.”

Glenn Beck Stands By Egypt Conspiracy Theory

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