Today on The Today Show, Gordon Ramsay and Ann Curry shared an awkward moment over a large slab of beef when Curry inadvertently insulted Ramsay’s public image as an entertainer over his culinary skills.

Ramsay, who does have 12 Michelin stars to his name, was doing a segment on cooking inexpensive cuts of meat and had been salting a ribcap as Curry previewed how he’d be spending his summer: opening a new steakhouse at the Paris Las Vegas casino, and launching a new show called Hotel Hell.

“You’ve got two shows opening up, I think in June,” Curry began. “And then you’ve got another one later in the summer. You’ve got this restaurant. And you’re also trying to… make Americans know that, because we see you on TV, but more for your shows and less for your cooking.”

“You’re absolutely right.” Ramsay pauses, and you can hear the whrrr as he tries to get back control of the interview. “But today we’re going to talk about a rib cap, something that has become a sort of chef’s secret dream.”

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Gordon Ramsay vs. Ann Curry on ‘Today’

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