Feisal Abdul Rauf, Imam of the mosque which is planned for two blocks away from ground zero, was on ‘Larry King Live’ and answered questions about the controversial project.

Guest host Soledad O’Brien brought up the fact that many American Muslims now think his building of the mosque has made it “more dangerous” for them.

“There is no doubt that this has become such a situation,” Abdul Rauf agreed. “And I am deeply sensitive to that, and very concerned about that. And had I known this would have happened we certainly would never have done this.”

“So why is it hard to back up and say and now that we’ve done it, let’s undo it,” O’Brien wondered. “(And) pick another spot that is offered?” Abdul Rauf answered that if he moved the mosque now, it would mean the “radicals” on “both sides” would be allowed to “shape the discourse.”

(Source: TVSquad.com and CNN)

‘Ground Zero’ Mosque Imam Regrets Controversy

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