On ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show,’ Hilary Swank tried to guess a mystery word in order to officially kick off the “12 Days of Giveaways.”

Ellen DeGeneres has a bit of trouble leading Swank to the word in question, which is “gummy worms.” After a failed attempt to vaguely describe the candy to Swank, DeGeneres finally asks, “What are your favorite types of candy?”

Swank then begins rattling off everything she can think of: “Red Vines. Twizzler? Licorice! Black licorice? Red licorice?”

“Do you like gelatin-type things?” DeGeneres asked.

“Oh!” said Swank, with dawning recognition. “Gummy worm?”

(Source: TVSquad.com)

Hillary Swank Kicks Off “12 Days of Giveaways” on “Ellen”

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