As part of their ‘Jackass 3D’ promotional tour, the stars did some stunts in ‘The Tonight Show’ studio. First, Jason “Wee Man” Acuña strapped a raw egg to his forehead. If he was limber enough to high-kick and smash it (in three attempts), a fancy dinner was on the way for one attendee.

Next up, Steve-O endured some “free ball tee ball.” In baseball cap and tighty-whiteys (no cup: “I’d be happy to prove that for ya”), Steve-O braced himself for “a severe hit” to his groin. If he could stay on his feet, another prize dinner.

Lastly, Bam Margera rode a skateboard down a ramp, holding a baby doll. A rope “clotheslined” him right at the neck. If, after crashing to the floor, he was still holding the doll, Papa John’s pizza for everybody.

“Jackass” Guys Perform Painful Stunts

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