Jane Fonda “caved” in to getting plastic surgery after vowing in 2000 she would not get any more work done, she told Larry King.

“If I was really brave, I would have not,” she said. “I vowed I wouldn’t–I did, and I don’t feel proud of it.”

Fonda, 72, has been upfront about the procedures she had done on her jawline and eye bags in February. She told Larry King she purposely left some of her wrinkles in place.

“I like my crow’s feet and I like my little laugh lines,” she said. “It was just the little jowls away, that’s all.

“I didn’t want to lie about it. I’m writing a book about getting older, so I had to admit it. I feel so good. I’m so happy.”

(Source: HuffingtonPost.com and CNN)

Jane Fonda: I’m Not Proud Of My Plastic Surgery

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