During his Tonight Show monologue Thursday evening, Jay Leno took a shot at Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), joking that the senator looks like the type of person who heard “Go ‘F’ yourself” a lot in his grade school days.

Earlier this week it was reported that Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) told Sen. Reid to “go fuck yourself” after the senator accused the Republican leader of “running a dictatorship” in the House of Representatives.

“Boy, it is starting to get nasty in Washington,” Leno remarked. “According to Politico, after being publicly accused by Harry Reid of running a dictatorship in the House, John Boehner told Reid to go ‘F’ himself. That’s what he said. He said, ‘Go F yourself.’”

“I don’t want to sound insensitive,” Leno continued before delivering his punch-line, “but have you seen Harry Reid? I mean, doesn’t he look like a guy who heard that a lot in high school? Usually followed by a wedgie then getting stuffed in a locker?”

(Source: NBC-TV and Mediaite.com)

Jay Leno Mocks Sen. Harry Reid

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