Jay Leno is being coy about his future on “The Tonight Show,” although he did seem to give his stamp of approval to Jimmy Fallon, his likely replacement while joking around with a cameraman on Sunday.

The comedian was asked by “Extra” whether he planned to stay with the show after his contract ends, to which he replied, “Will I do it when my contract’s up? Well, no, when your contract is up, see that’s how it works.”

“Is Jimmy Fallon going to replace you on the show?” persisted the camera guy.

Leno responded, “I hope so.”

Of course, the current “Tonight Show” host then playfully pretended to mouth an answer to a question about his relationship with NBC, so no one should read too much into Leno’s interview.

(Source: GossipCop.com)

Jay Leno Speaks On Jimmy Fallon Replacing Him on ‘Tonight Show’

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