n his first Tonight Show monologue since last week’s news that NBC laid off some of the show’s staffers, host Jay Leno took a few swipes at NBC and its parent company Comcast.

“Welcome to The Tonight Show or, as Comcast calls us, The Expendables!,” he began.

“As you may have heard, our parent company has downsized The Tonight Show. And we’ve consistently been number-one in the ratings,” Leno remarked. “If you know anything about our network, that kind of thing is frowned upon.”

“I have more bad news: turns out we’ve been taken over by Bain Capital,” Leno quipped, adding a dark reference to The Godfather: “I knew something was going on. Friday morning I woke up and there was a peacock head in my bed.”

(Source: Mediaite.com and NBC)

Jay Leno Takes Shots at NBC Over ‘Tonight Show’ Layoffs

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