Jennifer Lawrence sat down with “Nightline” for a special Oscars edition, in which the actress talked about remaining grounded, her aversion to partying and stalking Meryl Streep at a party.

Asked how she maintains her self-awareness in Hollywood, the Best Actress nominee explained, “I just have a very weird job, and if I just remind myself of that, that it’s nothing more than that, then I don’t start… thinking that it’s more dramatic.”

Lawrence also talked about being discovered by a talent scout in New York at age 14, saying, “It was the first time in my entire life that I felt like I 100% was made for something, and that I could be good at something, and that I understood something, because I spent so many years being lost in school and feeling stupid.”

And she’s not about to give that precious feeling up for the life of partying and drugs which can befall many young stars.

Lawrence told the show you’ll “never see” her being carried home from a club because she doesn’t “have the stomach for getting really wasted,” adding, “Four drinks I’m barfing.”

The Silver Linings Playbook actress also talked about snubbing Bill Maher for Meryl Streep at a party, where she stared at the acting icon all night “like a creep.”

Lawrence went on to reveal that she feels a sense of “relief” in talking to younger actresses, because “I’m not going to be relevant forever.”

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Jennifer Lawrence Recalls Meeting Meryl Streep

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