Jenny McCarthy stopped by ‘The Early Show’ and blamed Facebook for contributing to divorce, and discussed her first boyfriend since breaking up with Jim Carrey. “It is a phenomenon how people are going online, especially Facebook, and looking for their old loves. I think almost everybody that is on Facebook has done it, including myself,” McCarthy said. “I did read … something like five percent of divorces had the word ‘Facebook’ in them. And I believe that to be true … I think [Facebook] is something that’s tempting and something to keep your eye on.”

And, in terms of her relationship with former fitness model Jason Toohey, McCarthy said she’s taking a different approach this time. “You know, I’m taking things slow,” she said. “One of the things … that I’m trying to accomplish this time around is dropping the fake me, the pretend self that a lot of do in the beginning of relationships.”

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Jenny McCarthy on the Perils of Facebook

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