With Charlie Sheen nixed from ‘Two and a Half Men,’ CBS is in the thick of figuring out what to do next with the number one comedy on television. Jerry O’Connell created his own audition for the hit show on Funny or Die and brought it with him to ‘Lopez Tonight.’

The clip featured O’Connell doing a pretty funny Sheen impression, harassing a female “goddess” on the set, and even taking his method form of acting so far as to pee in a cup right there in the audition room and demand it be tested.

When no one took him up on it, he drank it to prove it. After watching, O’Connell had mixed feelings about it. Things have changed in the short time since it was filmed way last week.

“Last week, he’s like that funny uncle you have that’s crazy at a party,” O’Connell said of Sheen. “Now, he’s like, ‘Hey man that’s that weird uncle that we have’.”

Jerry O’Connell Tries Out for ‘Two and a Half Men’ on ‘Lopez Tonight’

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