On what will probably be Jerry Seinfeld’s last appearance on the show — as Larry King is stepping down in December — the comedian peppered King with some good-natured ribbing.

“This is the funniest show on TV,” Seinfeld declared.

“What?” was how a confused King responded to that.

“This show makes no sense. And you sit here and ask the questions, night after night, and nobody answers them, and nobody cares, and it goes on and on, Seinfeld explained, as the studio erupted in laughter.

“You’re like an uncle who cornered someone at a Thanksgiving dinner …. You’re like an annoying relative — that people love. But you’re annoying, Seinfeld added, as the cackles in the background continued.

(Source: CNN and TVSquad.com)

Jerry Seinfeld Roasts Larry King

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