Earlier this week, Ben & Jerry’s gave Jimmy Fallon his own ice cream flavor in honor of the second anniversary of ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.’ This didn’t sit well with Stephen Colbert, who wants to be the only late night TV host with a Ben & Jerry’s flavor.

So, on ‘The Colbert Report,’ Colbert declared ice cream war on Fallon. Then, just when Colbert was going to melt Fallon’s “Late Night Snack” ice cream with a hairdryer, who should show up on set but Fallon himself.

“Let the pint go, Stefan, or I’m going to give your ice cream a Neapolitan necktie,” Fallon threatened, holding a pint of Colbert’s AmeriCone Dream ice cream.

“Okay, okay — stay cool Jimmy — I’m sorry I insulted you. Your ice cream is actually pretty good, for 12:30,” Colbert responded. “It’s just not ready for the 11:30 time slot yet.”

(Source: TVSquad.com and Comedy Central)

Jimmy Fallon & Stephen Colbert Wage Ice Cream War

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